From Lair of Sorrow

As one might expect, a WikiBlog is a blog powered by a wiki. In this case, I am using the all-familiar MediaWiki, which powers the Wikipedia, among countless other sites. Why having such a crazy idea? There are numerous reasons that support it. First of all, I am already familiar with it, and I like and got to know the basic syntax. Organising the contents in categories, simple and straightforward cross-references and the ability to change the content easily are another reasons. Finally, I do not really care for comments and user feedback (although I will get to enabling the discussion page for anonymous edits some day!) - I want to store my texts and whatever I come up with in a medium built for that. And one more reason, beyond the final one: I have tried and developed a number of blogging platforms, some of them still in use, some of them not anymore. None of them felt as good as this wiki, so... there it is.